Tzitzit – Notes from the Fringe

There are so many things that are going on in the world that give me cause for concern. I can’t help feeling so helpless on so many different levels. It helps me to speak out on certain issues. I’m hoping this blog can help me add something to the discussions of Politics, Sports and Religion.

Your participation is welcomed and encouraged. I only ask that we do our best to keep things civil.

I’m a novice at this so be patient with me!

First blog post

Kehillah La La an idea whose time has come. A ‘community’ for those who don’t want to join a synagogue or who are looking for a supplement to their synagogue experience.

We will offer creative and engaging experiences. We will be about inclusion, joy, a spiritual approach to our search for God and meaning in our lives.

This is not a synagogue although we might do some synagogue like programs.

This will be about building community this will be about engaging you in what we hope will be a worthwhile use of your time.

We are starting from scratch and we would like you to join us. Hope to see you soon!